Nothing turns heads like shiny, freshly-coloured blonde hair. But not anything lasts all the time and your gleaming, solar-kissed colouration of blonde can flip brassy and stupid faster than you’ll like. But there’s an answer for retaining your hair colour colourful and stopping brassiness and fading: toner, a haircare product tinted with pigments that reinforces blonde sun sunglasses and cancels out undesirable yellow or orange hues. “Using a toner will beautify or neutralize your colour,” explains Aura Friedman, Senior Colorist and Creative Director at Suite Caroline Salon in New York City. Hair can get brassy whilst your colour begins offevolved to fade, which occurs for lots one of a kind reasons, consisting of solar exposure, minerals in water, shampoos that strip colour and the strain of warmth styling. “By neutralizing hair colour, the brassiness can be removed — and in case you love your contemporary colouration, toner can paintings together along with your hair to hold the colours you want maximum and lead them to even greater colourful,” she says. You may have toner tailor-made for your precise hair colour implemented via way of means of a expert colorist withinside the salon, however in case you do not have the time or the money, you may additionally attempt an powerful at-domestic toner product. These masks, sprays, drops, remedies and conditioners will assist tame brassy blonde hair colour at domestic to do away with undesirable yellow, pink and orange sun sunglasses at an inexpensive price. Here, the first-class toners for blonde hair in keeping with hair colour professionals and enthusiastic on line reviews.